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At first it was an admiration,
Like a frail moth hovering near a balcony light,
But things soon twisted into something more sinister,
The moth now writhes on the ground after setting itself alight,
and it smiles...

I fell in love with every single part of you,
And I knew it was absurd,
But the obsession took a hold of me,
Where the line between two realities becomes distorted and blurred.

I wanted to be like you, act like you,
And breathe from your precious lungs,
I tried to mould our two identities,
And twist them into one.

Idols and inspirations,
The living gods on Earth,
A dangerous obsession,
It creeps up and takes possession,
Of everything inside of me that should be suppressed and never shown.

You’re the essence of perfection to me,
Or at least the nearest thing like it you can possibly get,
I know we’ve had our vicious fights and tears where shed,
But how can I stay mad at you forever....?
...I mean, you haven’t even met me yet.

I know my reflection is a scatter of fascination and delusional fantasy,
But how can I escape and return to my neglected soul
when the final step of the transformation is already taking control?

I’m burying into your skin,
And how many years has it been,
Since I looked through my own eyes and left your footsteps alone?
I’m so immersed in your ways,
My soul is all but a haze,
I’ve long forgotten who I am since I laid my eyes on you.
Here's a thing.
You know the feeling when you admire someone, so you try to follow in their footsteps, but soon it starts to consume every part of you until you realise you're destroying a part of yourself? No? Well, I'm kinda eccentric like that. XD
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Submitted on
August 4, 2014


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